We Need Your Help

The Pozieres Remembrance Assn. was started over 6 years ago. This may sound like a war and peace epic but I have to say this. When 3 of us who had been in Pozieres the year before found out that the Sound and Light Show did not go ahead that year due to lack of finance. We were unable to attend that year as two weeks out from our departure Barry had to have a triple by pass. The 3 become 4 when Tom crashed our little birthday party for Robert Finch who is not longer with us he pass away suddenly two years ago. We asked the Village did they receive any money from the Australian Government and were told no. The Digger Cote puts it on and they raise the money. NOW how many of you that were in Pozieres and may have attended the Sound and Light Show gave that a thought or even knew where they received the money from? We along with some Army buddies started the Association. I will mention their names Murray Joan Debbie form an Association. Barry and I set out on a MISSION to spread the word about Pozieres. We wrote to every Member of Parliament both Federal & State. Many businesses but only 1 repeat only 1 came on board thanks to Tony Devers from Suzuki. Without Suzuki and Tony and Andrew Moore we would not be where we are today. Suzuki came on board every year and we had a raffle. 1st up was a Suzuki Quad bike, next year was the Suzuki Boulevard motor bike, then two years in a row a Grand Vitara and this year a Suzuki Swift this one being won by Boris Bizjak (how is your new car going by the way?) and let’s not forget the Pozieres Suzuki that has become Barry’s home away from home. So thank you fTony and also the Melbourne Storm who have also supported us and every ANZAC Day we have drawn a raffle. Also want to thank Kelly Suzuki at Cardiff both Lindsay and Vicki Trotter who are also members of the Assn. Have looked after the Pozieres Suzuki from the time we have had it after it was used on the Block. Barry would be away for weeks at a time and I would be at home madly writing raffle tickets with Tom and his two young boys (well their not that young any more) but Dallas and Troy and their mates on the week end would come and help me write raffle tickets. Every raffle we had the total of the tickets to be sold was 7000 one for every man that lost his life at Pozieres 100 years ago. Unfortunately we never sold 7000 in every raffle but we raised money to keep the Sound and Light Show going. During this time also when we were in Pozieres we noticed that the Church windows had been vandalised. Barry and I not being very religious’ but have faith returned home and we wrote to Cardinal Pell he gave us permission to contact Bishops and Catholic Church’s for support to fix the window’s. This was given and Cardinal Pell also made a donation. With the money received the windows were restored and the surplus funds were used to provide much-needed heating in the Church. A few years ago once again in Pozieres we were told about the land around the Windmill Site that would become available. It was offered as a Tri Nation to France, Germany and Australia. France and Germany said yes and Australia said NO. So we as an Association took it on. Once again without any Government help. Our aim was to sell 7000 bricks at $50 a brick to build the Memorial Park a Garden of Reflection. We did not think it would be hard to sell 7000 bricks Australia wide. This has not been the case. It has been very hard work. To date we have sold just over 3000 bricks. We have paid for the land, surveys and legal costs. We have even transferred money into the Commune of Pozieres account for maintaining the land i.e. mowing etc till the gardens start next year. Now good friends I am begging you to think about spreading the word to finish this Memorial to our Fallen so they can be remembered where they fell, not at Villers-Bretonneux but in Pozieres. I ask a question to you all as it has come to my attention that I know of two places in Australia one in WA and the other in NSW where they have with Centenary money built a Memorial wall for the Fallen of WW1 and on their Memorial they have the place of death listed of our boys as Villers-Bretonneux NOT Pozieres shows just how much research they have done. I know of people who are members of this page that did not even know that Pozieres still existed till they were told that yes Pozieres is alive and well and Will Never Forget our young men Now we need to raise another $200,000 to $300,000 to finalize the park to make it beautiful. This has been Barry and I passion for the last 6 years. We have eaten lived and breathed this 24/7 for the last 6 years. Then only time we have had a rest was when we were in Pozieres for our annual vacation. We are getting older and not in the best of health but will spread the word about Pozieres until our last breath has been taken. But we just cannot go on forever doing what we have for the last 6 years. That is why if the money does not come in we will sell our house to finish our dream of the Memorial Park and Gardens of Reflections at the end of the year. Last words we would like to sell 7000 to date we have sold 3800 so to raise $250,000 that would be great so if every member of this page could sell 5 bricks we would have reached our target. Just one more thing to date I have not deliberately sold brick numbers 1916 or 2016 may be we could auction them off as a pair and they will take pride and place in one of the many rose gardens. I have thanked many people but one last person I have to thank is Craig Margetts and his family who has purchased 100 bricks, a bench and a Rose Garden in memory of Captain Ivor Margets 12th Battalion AIF KIA 24th July 1916 Lest We Forget. As you all know we were award the Légion d’Honneur on the 23rd July. This is not only our’s but for every one who has supported us thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have just posted this on our Facebook page please copy and paste to yours and spread the word http://www.pozieresremembered.com.au/  our Facebook pages are Pozieres Remembrance Assn. Inc Australia closed page please feel free to join and our open page is Pozieres Remembrance Association Australia