The Land is owned by our fallen soldiers

First glimpses of our Memorial Park beside the RD 929 stretching into The Village of Pozieres where Red Poppies, Blue Cornflowers and Yellow Daisy’s grow naturally together.

Our Memorial Park has been grassed and stretches on three sides around the Windmill Site looking towards Thiepval and Mouquet Farm awaiting the laying  of crosses with poppies in the rising sun design.

We are amazed at the depth of planning our President Barry Gracey & Sec/Treasurer Von Hall have achieved for “Our Boys”.

At the Inauguration of our Future Pozieres Memorial Park at 8.30am Saturday 23rd July 2016, Von and Barry will be burning Gum Leaves collected from friends at Dog on the Tuckerbox, Gundagai so “Our Boys” will also enjoy the familiar eucalyptus smell of home.