Pozieres Today

Today the village of Pozieres is a thriving community of 250 people located 150 km North West of Paris. It is a quiet rural community with the nearest major town being the Town of Albert, but is easily accessible to the major centres of Lille, Amiens, Arras, Bapaume and Perrone.

The people are very welcoming and accepting of Australians, and do all they can to make your experience here a pleasant stay.
The Village has two main Associations working in recognition of the Australians Soldiers who fought here and these are:

Pozieres – The Windmill
President: Mr Bernard Delattre, Mayor of Pozieres.

Bernard Delattre


President: Mr Yves Potard, Digger Cote 160.

Yves Potard

If you go to Pozieres with the expectation of seeing major War Graveyards, you will be disappointed. What you will find there is the 1st Division Memorial, the Windmill Memorial, The Tank Memorial and the Pozieres British Cemetery.

The important thing however is that you are right in the centre of the Somme Battlefield, and are in the heart of Australian battles in France.

There is almost no public transport in this sector so planning for your visit is a must.

The View of the Windmill site at Pozieres

The View of the Windmill site at Pozieres