“Our 7000 Boys” would be so proud

“Our 7000 Boys” would be so proud of these amazing photos taken by our Canadian friend Erin Leslie who did a fly over in a vintage Broussard plane with the twin tail. It’s a 1962 Max Holste Broussard ex French Army, served in Algeria and in multiple rolls over it’s life as medivac, para troops, reconnaissance and attache.

Erin flew over the field earlier this week when the crosses were being laid, so it’s fantastic to see the finished design from the air.
The layout of the crosses is designed to represent the Australian Armed Forces emblem featuring the rising sun.

The day has arrived for the start of the 100 year commemorative services.
Click here to view the 3 day program.

For everyone in Australia please watch the broadcast for the Pozieres Centenary is on ABC Channel 21 or 24 on Saturday 23/7 at midnight to 1.15am (Australia Remembers Pozieres Centenary Commemoration).

Our 7000 Boys will be proud