4th Division Honour Roll

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Those Men who could not be found or identified after the Battle are shown In the Cemetery Column, highlighted in Blue and remembered at Villers Bretonneaux Memorial.

4th Division Honour Roll includes these:

4th Brigade
13th Battalion New South Wales
14th Battalion Victoria
15th Battalion Queensland & Tasmania
16th Battalion Western & South Australia

12th Brigade
45th Battalion New South Wales
46th Battalion Victoria
47th Battalion  Queensland & Tasmania
48th Battalion South & Western Australia

13th Brigade
49th Battalion Queensland
50th Battalion South Australia
51st Battalion Western Australia
52nd Battalion South & West Australia, Tasmania

4th Australian Machine Gun Company
12th Australian Machine Gun Company
13th Australian Machine Gun Company

4th Divisional Trench Mortar Brigade
4th Australian Light trench Mortar Battery
12th Australian Light trench Mortar Battery
13th Australian Light trench Mortar Battery

4th Divisional Artillery (Australian Artillery)
(Medium & Heavy Batteries, Australian Field Artillery)

4th Australian Pioneers Battalion

 4th Divisional Medical Service
(Australian Army Medical Corps)
4th Australian Field Ambulance
12th Australian Field Ambulance
13th Australian Field Ambulance

4th Divisional Engineers (Australian Engineers)
4th Field Company
12th Field Company
13th Field Company

4th Divisional Train (Australian Army Service Corps)

4th Mobile Veterinary Section

4th Divisional Sanitary Section