Memorial Service for Foundation Member of the Assn. Mr Robert Finch

Yesterday our Patron Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP held a Memorial Service on the 2nd Anniversary the passing for our good friend Robert (Rob) Finch.

It was on the 13th October 2010 that Rob, Barry and I started the Pozieres Remembrance Assn.  Barry and I wore our Legion of Honour award as without Rob we certainly would not have come as far as we have. May be if Rob was still with us he too would be wearing the Legion of Honour award.

It was only a small gathering of the neighbours that became friends with Rob while living here in Coffs Harbour.

Luke and Rob became very good friends and had one thing in common they loved to ride motor bikes. They did this often just riding off to some place and enjoying each other’s company.

I would personally like to thank Luke and his wife Irene for doing this Memorial Service in their own home. After the Service Luke planted a tree to remember our beloved Rob this was followed by a morning tea and we all talked about our own funny experiences that we had with Rob.

Luke and Irene Barry and I would like to personally thank you for what you did for Rob and also on behalf of the members of the Pozieres Remembrance Assn we all thank you. I feel that I was able to truly say my good buys to Rob he will always be in my heart he was a wonderful friend to me more like a big brother and I miss him so much.

So photo’s of the day.

Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP Planting a tree in Rob’s Memory


Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP with Barry Gracey & Yvonne Gracey-Hall


Irene & Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP with Barry & I


Irene & Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP with the small group who attended the Memorial Service.