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It’s official a big thank you to Ipswich RSL Sub-Branch who supplied Lt Albert Murray 56th Battalion 5th Division (Limited edition No 805 of 10,000.)

Lt Murray (Bear) is part of the Centenary Collection of the Western Front. He comes with a Certificate of authenticity.

The Auction will last till Sunday 12th at midnight. (If I am still awake)

If you wish to share this please go to our open page and you can share from there.


Remember biding can only be done on this page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/191880644248073/

Hello all. Christmas is coming and we just have a few ideas that just may help you.
Over the next few weeks we will run some auctions. They will be run over a few days and the highest bidder wins then we will have another.
I will also create an extra page on our web site that can lead you to our auction site.
You will only be able to bid on our closed Facebook page so tell all your friends to become a member of this page.
Link to become a member of our closed Facebook page is


Debbie and I and a few other wonderful people have donated items and also there will be a few surprise items that you may love to own yourselves.
You may not be interested in any of the items that we have.
There is always that one person you find it hard to buy for. Why not give them a brick in the Memorial Park.
Stay tuned we will be starting the 1st auction in the next few days