The Pozières Remembrance Association was established in 2006. The association currently has 14 fully paid members with hundreds of followers through this website and our Facebook pages.

Apart from the 94th commemorations held in 2010, which sadly was cancelled due to the impact of the Global Financial Crisis, members have been attending anniversary commemorations at Pozieres since the 90th Anniversary in 2006.

To mark the terrible casualties and losses at Pozières, the commemorations have been held on 23 July each year to mark the beginning of what has become known as the Battle of Pozieres Ridge. This incorporates both Pozières and nearby Mouquet Farm.  The Australian War Memorial records show the casualties as being in the vicinity of 23,000 men over a six week period from 23rd July to 9th September 1916.

In 2010, the Association wrote to all Federal Members of Parliament, alerting them to the significant losses at Pozières and requesting financial and other support that would enable the Village of Pozières to continue with commemorations on an annual basis. This campaign was successful in attracting a grant of $6,000 from Veterans Affairs providing assistance with the 95th Anniversary commemorations. Unfortunately, the grant was a “one off” and no further funding has been forthcoming. Donations can be made using the slouch hat icon on this page or go to the tab Pozieres Memorial Park to see how you can help.

To continue to support the efforts of the people of Pozières to honour the Australians who gave their lives the Pozières Remembrance Association (Incorporated) was formed and registered as a not-for-profit charity in NSW, QLD and VIC.  Although the Association was originally established to support efforts by the Village of Pozières to raise funds that ensured future commemorations could be guaranteed, it has subsequently expanded its goals to include the building of a Pozières Memorial Park. The memorial park will include an honour roll listing of the names of all Australian Soldiers who are known to have died in and around Pozières. A large number of whom have no known grave as a result of the extensive bombardments that was experienced by those who fought there.

Regardless of whether this project is realised in partnership with our friends at Pozières, the association is committed to ensuring that the annual Commemorations at Pozières do continue to go ahead each year.

We are particularly interested in speaking with Australians who had relatives who fought at Pozières in World War 1 and urge you to make contact with us. If you have any photos that you would like to share in our Gallery – Men of Pozieres please contact us.

We sincerely hope you find this website useful and informative. Our aim is to continue to expand its content overtime, and any feedback you may have is most welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Barry Gracey
President of the Pozières Remembrance Association, Australia
Est. 2006.